Mill, Mall, MacDonald’s & Me

It was a busy hectic week which had finally land up in leisure and for us people staying in Lalbaug-Parel it’s an oblivious place- High Street Phoenix. It was a Saturday eve with our boys who wanted to have a burger treat which was none other than at MacDonald’s. It was quite rush (obliviously being weekend) and after a good discussion boys finally given an order.  Suddenly a large group exited and we found a place to seat & that’s where I got nostalgic. Those were the corner seats exactly below the huge phoenix chimney.

Chimney……an icon of workmanship, labor and their power. But suddenly one strike has taken over everything of it.  And now it’s just a remaining of that defeated deal of mighty mill worker.

Me….Lucky or unlucky, one of those who is still watching this tragic transformation. Way back in early 80’s I had seen loads of mill workers passing through narrow lanes of sun mill approaching western railway lower parel station and now I can see a traffic with luxury cars coming out from phoenix .

Coming to my sons, on that day I had told them about how this mall is transformed from a mill and the function of that iconic chimney and the boilers where ones the cloth was manufactured on hi speed noisy looms. Else they have misunderstood the chimney as some decorative structure built by Macdy’s.

We (me & Wife) both are from mill worker family, so for us this kind of leisure is the rarest thing at our age. So we almost avoid this place to spend time as somewhere down there we still feel that defeat.

We can’t celebrate on tombstone.

Any way I had done my duty being a father to make my children understand this transformation and let them know how their great grandfather had worked with British & Anglo Indian officers made these mills and their grandfather made this Mumbai from their sweat.


Letter – Expression of emotions

     It is just a few years back story, when in India before the electronic communication was too away from reach of common man, who was working in metro city and staying away from his newly married wife. The only bridge to connect is a letter full of texted emotions. So its not that hard to express in text if you have a faith in reader. All you have to be faithful to yourself first and start.

Crisis in Indian large format printing Industry

Yet again it has been proved that Indian Large format Printing Industry is facing serious crisis. Last week one of the reputed  printing company has cut down their force to half due to continuous losses since last over 11 months. The basic story behind this kind of lay offs is continues drops in unit rates in printing against increasing liabilities. There certain hidden reasons behind this kind of incidents which are demand of Cash Discounts & Volume Discounts which is actually a mainline media practice and some force full under the table transaction between vendors and procurement. but the real problem is laying unanswered....what will happen to the grass root level skill servicemen who is thrashed out of his world and landed no where